Marketing Strategies Used By Trump To Succeed

Jerry Cave, an executive at a news radio station, magazine publisher, advertising manager and recently ventured as a media consultant, talked about Trump winning the election and the marketing strategies he applied in order to get the victory.

He recalled the two times wherein he knew that Trump is going to win. There were only two instances – first was during his first speech that tackles the issue of illegal immigration. The speech was not focused on illegal immigration but rather on blue-collar jobs that are outsourcing and in sourcing. The second was back in January when he was having a debate against Jeb Bush. According to Trump, he knew Jeb was the guy he needed to beat but because he is already weak, he decided to pick on another.

Cave went on to compared what Trump did to a business. Businesses need marketing and there are many types of media to choose from. Marketers who know their jobs will chose the media that they know they can dominate in order to make their brand more visible to consumers. What they don’t do is invest their many and spread it in different media. Hillary, on the other hand, chose paid television advertising which is easy for people to tune out mentally and digitally. These TV adverts are also not considered as credible as they used to. What Trump did is avoid paid television but instead focused on editorial. This is a feat that Hillary cannot do because of the controversies that she is facing. Trump, meanwhile, sold his personality through communication.

Trump is good at editorial television because of two reasons, he is an expert when it comes to live TV and he is willing to appear on TV anytime of the day which is something Hillary cannot do. After the editorial television, one of the marketing strategies he used is social media and he is quite good at it. He also used email as well as regular texting. What put him on top, according to Cave, would be the events because he can reach many people especially those who show up and even those who don’t will be talking about it on different social media platforms.