Manitoba Looking To Up Standards For Trucker Training, But Some Say They Need To Go Higher

Following the recent trucking incidents, trucking in Hamilton and across Canada has been in the spotlight, with many provincial governments working to raise their standards for truckers.  Saskatchewan recently announced mandatory training for commercial truck drivers, with Manitoba’s government following suit.

The province has started asking the trucking industry for their input on training, with a particular focus on entry-level training as of current events. Manitoba will be taking these consultations in order o move forward and improve training requirements in their jurisdiction.

Educators in the province already provide starting training, with the program being used evaluated and approved by Manitoba Public Insurance, but new drivers in the province are not actually required to take, let alone finish the program before being allowed on the road.

The Manitoba Trucking Association has been promoting the idea of mandatory training for a while now, saying that the concept of regulation isn’t exactly new or radical, it’s just really overdue for trucking in Canada. MTA Executive Director Terry Shaw has reiterated the statement to local news outlets.

Recently, Saskatchewan Government Insurance, the Crown insurer in Saskatchewan, announced mandatory training requirements for people looking to acquire the necessary license to operate as truckers in the province. The government has stated that the introduction of training isn’t because of the bus crash in Saskatchewan back in April, the incident that involved the Humboldt Broncos hockey team. The incident resulted in the death of eight people, while injuring an additional 13.

Earlier in April of 2018, the Manitoba Government enlisted both Manitoba Education and Training and Manitoba Public Insurance and gave them the task of coming up with a driver training founding for semis.

Early in 2019, the consultation sessions have expanded, and will continue to do so, to include industry partners and other stakeholders. The sessions took place in Jan. 7 in Winnipeg, and Jan. 10 in Brandon.

Manitoba Infrastructure staff will look at the training standards and approaches of out-of-province drivers as well as the scope of individuals that require this training in order for the province .