JBS Australia Acquires Meat Supplier

Andrews Meat Industries (AMI), known to many people who have meat slicer for sale for being a unit of JBS Australia, acquired a local meat supplier, White Stripe Foods, in a recent transaction. Neither companies have divulged any information on the acquisition.

White Stripe Foods is a supplier of premium meat products, not to the average Aussie, or the stores looking for a meat slicer for sale, but to the international hospitality market, with clients like hotels, restaurants, retailers, caterers and other food service providers. AMI joined JBS Australia back in July 2014 when their owners, the Andrews family, sold a majority shareholding to JBS. Even after the acquisition, the Andrews family manages the operations of the eponymous company, retaining their original post.

AMI Chief Executive Peter Andrews spoke on the acquisition, saying that White Stripe Foods bring several key advantages in the market that they found desirable, with long-standing clients in more than 30 countries, most of which are in Asia and the Middle East, while providing representation locally in the AU, which has the potential for growth. He notes that the company has a very successful business model, something that they can take advantage of as AMI develops their distribution in the export markets.

Andrews added that, with AMI’s capabilities and reach rapidly growing, and their revenue in the core business sectors going up alongside all of that, this acquisition was the best chance for them to expand their range and offering.

White Stripe Foods will continue to trade under its current listings, as well as continue to manage operations, as per before the acquisition, save for some changes. The acquisition is expected to improve AMI’s capabilities to distribute their products and services.

White Stripe Foods Managing Director Matt Lyn says that White Stripe Foods has a rich, storied past of managing supply relationships in the core markets that they operate in, so this transaction is a big step up for them. Their knowledge, business model and operations, bolstered with AMI’s experience in food service, production, and value-add cooked product, means that this transaction will go to a long way to enhancing the quality of their product and their services.