Instagram Designed New Office As A Blank Canvas

Instagram gave itself a huge gift for its 6th birthday: a new three story office.

Instagram’s new office

Last October 6, 2016, Instagram’s 400 employees transferred to its latest office space located on Facebook’s Menlo Park in California. Even though it did not transfer so far as its previous office was also located on the headquarters of Facebook, the recent office radiates an elegance and a vibe of a young company, which is a deep contrast to its unpolished concrete floors and exposed pipes.

One year back, Ian Spalter, who is the creative director of Instagram, hired Ian Young from architecture firm Gensler as a project architect to lead the new office’s design. Spalter intended for the space to be like the app, getting inspiration from the latest Instagram interface and icon, which was revealed May 2016. The office is somehow like a 3D version of Instagram, according to the email of a representative from Instagram.

Inspiration from Instagram’s interface and icon

The people who visit the new office are then welcomed by its high ceilings, as well as some digital displays that rotate through Instagram photos of users. Taking and using the app’s aesthetic, the new headquarters has sleek lines, neutral tones plus plenty of natural light.

According to Young during his interview, the architecture concept was to provide them a thing that is pleasing aesthetically but restrained. So, they provided a canvas so the space users can enhance it, as well as curate personalities and communities which represent them as one. The muted colors in the office gives way to the color splashes in the photos.

Amenities of the new office

With regard to amenities, there is a micro kitchen, a Blue Bottle cafe, a photo opportunity space that has modifiable and modular sculptures so the visitors can take pictures, a room for employees to get creative, and there is also a library for people to look for inspiration or have things completed.


A new Instagram office has a very huge potential to be a haven for creativity, as employees can add Photos on Canvas, polaroid captures on a wall, and so much more.