Important Details That Cross-Border Trucking Providers Must Know

The increase of eCommerce popularity has resulted to a significant increase in products that enter Canada from various retailers in the United States. American establishments like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and various offline and online retailers have managed to deliver consumer goods to 30 million Canadian residents.

On the other hand, Canada-based retailers also increased their online sales at a rate that is almost double that of American retailers. The 5,500-mile border between Canada and the United States is witness to the countless good that travelled between the countries through cross-border trucking.

Cross-border trucking providers must be well informed on the documents that are required by the Canadian customs when crossing the border between Canada and the US. To avoid delays and to ensure that the entire process will take only about 30 minutes, it is important to check all the shipping documents available and the special instructions of the shipper.

When entering the United States, the right lane must be used. Be prepared for inspection at the inspection plaza after the truck exits the tunnel or bridge to cross the border. Required paperwork must be submitted at “Primary Inspection.” If all the documents are in order, this will be the only point of contact that the carrier has to go through. If the documents are incomplete, the carrier needs to pass through “Secondary Inspection” before it is released.

At the “Secondary Inspection” the truck driver has to proceed to immigration and complete the I-94 form before giving the paperwork for Secondary Inspection customs clearance. To avoid delays when crossing the border, it is important to provide customs with the necessary information prior to arrival at the border. Documents necessary include proof of the vehicle’s most current annual inspection and ask for release through PAPS that facilitates a smooth flow of shipments through the US customs.

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