How To Prevent An Anonymous Review From Being Identified

Job seekers find online review sites indispensable in making informed decisions. Some employees warn job seekers about certain jobs because they think that the boss micromanages every move. It is also possible that the anonymous employee left a review because the salary is embarrassingly low in spite of excellent work ethics.

An employee may have a number of reasons why he wrote a compelling review and shared his salary through online review sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, InHerSight or Comparably. However, it is likely that someone from the workplace who has read the review will try to guess who wrote it. This is the reason why some employees are wary about sharing information about their job experience.

Before airing a grievance online, make sure that several steps are undertaken to protect the identity. Leaving an anonymous review that includes salary information from a previous job is not as risky as spilling the tea on a current employer.

It is easier to review a big company than a small company where job titles are somewhat limited. To cover the tracks, round up the salary to the nearest thousand like $44,000 instead of $44,280. Indicate a more general role like marketing instead of senior marketing manager. Unless there are many enemies among the employees, it is very unlikely for anyone to try and identify the source of the anonymous post.

Anonymous posts can be identified through the writing style. In order to avoid scrutiny, it is important to stick to facts and not let any grudges to appear in the write-up. Reviews must be straightforward without a snarky expression of opinion. Avoid the impulse to be overly critical so that it would be difficult to be associated with it. To avoid being sued for saying negative things about an employer, read the restrictions under the non-disparagement agreement.

Credibility is established through review particularly when the digital agency makes the effort to respond. Aside from attracting quality talents, reviews can generate brand awareness. Online visibility is very important for small businesses and the feedback of employees and customers establishes trust. Reviews are also free advertising that benefit companies.