How To Choose A Bangkok International School

Choosing a Bangkok international school can be challenging especially if you just arrived in Thailand and you have not yet developed friendships with locals whom you can get some information from. The good news is, you have the internet to help you out on these matters. You can easily get an idea or an informed choice on how and where you will send your child to get quality education that you want to provide. Here are some tips.

Make a research        

Your child will be engaged for the entire school year for several hours every day for most of the weeks. Therefore, it is crucial for you to be careful in choosing where you will enrol your child. Does the school have positive values or values that you want your child to imbibe? These values should also be aligned with you and your child’s beliefs. Make a research on the academic reputation of the school. Do students become winners in academic competitions? Does the school have accolades and awards to prove academic excellence? You might also check if the school, especially the administration, is involved in any form of scandal. Only enrol your child in a Bangkok international school with commendable reputation.

Visit the school

Take some time to visit the school where you intend to enrol your child in. Find out if the school has modern facilities and conducive school rooms. Are there emergency exits and alarms? You also have to consider the location of the school. It should be accessible but at the same time in a safe area that is not prone to malls and other entertainment venue that could entice children to try and frequent.  Visiting schools will also give you an idea how teachers treat their students in school.

Talk to parents and students

To help you choose a Bangkok international school, talk to actual parents and students and find out what they have to say about the policies of the school and if they are happy with the school administration. Visit at least three schools before you come up with a decision.