How Telemarketers Should Know About Tips For Selling Insurance

Yesterday we discussed about making an internal telemarketing campaign to create new quotes without generating a fortune of leads.

Today, I want to offer your tips for selling insurance when y

our staff starts telemarketing. You may unavoidably run into pushback if they haven’t tried telemarketing before and I don’t want to keep you from being successful in this business.

Keeping Your Telemarketers Inspired and On Track:

  • Using a script

Scripts make your telemarketers confident.  If your staff hasn’t telemarketed before, it is important to know what you want to say.  A short and simple script will keep them on track as they get more comfortable making calls.

  • Discuss responses

You need to conceive possible responses from customers and prepare your staff for them.  Remind them about the tips for selling insurance especially on how to be always friendly and respectful no matter what people tell them.

  • Track the numbers

Keep a piece of paper and note down how many calls, how many responded, and how many quotes have you made. These figures will make you see how efficient your techniques are and how many calls are needed to obtain the number of quotes you need.

  • Teach them the value of “No”

One thing you must learn about sales calls is that they are all number games. The more calls you make; the more quotes you will likely obtain. It’s not possible to get 100% of all calls to agree for a quote, which means that every “No” response will get you closer to a “Yes!” So the best thing to do is to keep dialing. This is stipulated in some tips for selling insurance to customers.

  • Offer an incentive

Create a contest between your telemarketers. Whoever gets the most quotes from telemarketing this week will win a gift card or an afternoon off. This can be something that can inspire and keep them achieving towards a goal.

As always, it takes practice to be perfect.  The more chances of giving them to practice their script and their calls, the better telemarketers they will become.

So what are you waiting for?  Start organizing your telemarketing time for next week. Make them know some tips for selling insurance that works!