How And Why Nyum Bai Gained National Attention

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Nyum Bai is a restaurant in Oakland, California that has recently gained national attention. The chef and at the same time owner, Nite Yun was only two years old when her Cambodian parents fled the Khmer Rouge in the past decade. The family headed for America and settled in Stockton, California where the warm weather and farmland reminded them of Cambodia.

The phrase “nyum bai” is Khmer for eating rice. Yun had no memories of the refugee camp in Thailand where she was born in 1982. Her only access to the history of her family was the food they usually have for dinner that included dried catfish, scoops of green mango salad and lots of rice. Their soups were made from squash, bitter gourd, bay leaves and toasted rice powder floating in broth. It is only natural for Yun to use the Khmer phrase as her restaurant’s name.

Yun is still overwhelmed with the speed that her restaurant gained popularity. Last August, Bon Appetit, a food magazine added Nyum Bai to the annual Hot 10 list of the best new restaurants in the country. Yun could hardly believe the recognition. It felt surreal but she has to focus on promoting Cambodian food.

The restaurant is tiny with walls lined with replicas of the rock records of Cambodia from 1950 to 1960. The songs from those years had heavy beats with an abundance of crooning. A playlist of 15 songs entertains the lunch and dinner crowd.

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