Historic Columbia House Ready For The Holidays

Every November, the Robert Mills House in Historic Columbia is being prepped for the upcoming holidays. One will be able to see the home’s entryway with 1820s vibe crowded with fake plastic fruits, pine cones as well as holly.

Janice Bowman is one of the happy volunteers who decided to become decorators for the house. She was busy putting on greenery on every surface to make sure that the old house will be ready for the holidays. Other volunteers are busy decorating dining room to make it ready for a dessert course with the help of decorative marzipan as well as walnut pralines.

After they have decorated the Robert Mills House, they moved on to the Hampton Preston Mansion. Decorations where hang and placed that matches the 1850s vibes of the place. These two historic homes are available for holiday tours up to the 31st of December. For visitors, they will hear from tour guides different stories all about the holidays celebrated in Columbia decades and centuries ago. They will learn how the families used to decorate the place and what entertainment are available back in the 19 and 20th centuries.

For a few years, Bowman always brings her small children to be part of the annual tour. According to her, this has become a holiday tradition for them. They will go home after the tour and start on their own decorations as well. It has been over 10 years since Bowman decided to become a volunteer decorator at the historic homes together with her daughter who is now big enough to be a part of it, Ellen Hayhurst.

Hayhurst shared that it has become their tradition and she considers it a special opportunity to be a part of the decorating team. In the past years, both mother and daughter have created the best decorating the best decorating team and they also started a new annual tradition at the Hampton Preston Mansion and Robert Mills House.

The team is now made up of friends such as Judy Liner, Betsy Edgerton, Pat Itter, Dena Creel and Carol Anne Bostick. If you are looking for a good team of decorators in Reading, contact BD Decorators.