Helping The Economy Of Bangkok To Recover Through Artworks

You are undoubtedly familiar with illustrated maps because they are usually printed in the brochures of tourist destinations. However, the map created by illustrated 2-Dimensional maps service is not only a fascinating piece of art; it can be altered, modified and updated according to requirements.

Tokyo Hot Café can be found on Charoen Krung 43 in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Charoen Krung was the first road in Thailand and was widely known for its trading opportunities and cultural diversity. It used to be full of tourists but like all other places in the world, it was also affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Well-known artist, Wichulada Panthanuvong wanted to promote the economy through art. One of the walls of the Tokyo Hot Café became a colourful mixed-media installation which was called Bird’s Eye View. The artwork was like a map that is friendly and playful.

The Bird’s Eye View can help visitors navigate Charoen Krung’s iconic landmarks, historical buildings, popular restaurants and tourist attractions like the famous porridge store Jok Prince, The Peninsula Bangkok, Warehouse 30 creative art space and the Grand Postal Building.

At Charoen Krung 34, you will find Ease-Studio that made use of embroidery techniques in creating a mixed media installation called We’re Human. It featured a series of 13 striking masks that represent people from different nationalities, religion, social status, gender and skin color. Different nationalities have their own masks but the point is they are all human.

Meanwhile at Charoen Krung 32, a wall displayed vibrant digital paintings to evoke nostalgic moments. Young artist Nampeung Nokaew highlights diverse landscapes of flowers amidst the concrete jungle and modern architecture. The concept is all about color and Indian-style drawing techniques that refer to multi-culturalism. The project aims to promote the skills of artists and help the local economy recover.

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