GP Rider Says Aprilia Needs To Work On Its Bikes

Andrea  Iannone, the MotoGP rider that has taken part for teams like Ducati and Suzuki, spoke on his opinion of the current racing iteration of the Aprilia motorbike, saying that the manufacturer needs to work on optimizing the performance of its current MotoGP package before working on upgrades.

Iannone made his Aprilia racing debut in Qatar early in March, managing to quality at 19th place, then finishing 14th, scoring two points for the team.

Meanwhile, his teammate, Aleix Espargaro posted better results for the start of his third season with the Italian manufacturer, managing to finish at 10th place, less than 10 seconds behind the race winner, Andrea Doviziosio.

Iannone admitted that, following the pre-season testing with the Aprilia motorbike¸he didn’t have high hopes for his first race riding the RS-GP, and believes that Aprilia is not making the most of the current iteration’s performance.

At a special Aprilia event at Mugello, the Italian GP venue, Iannone said that he believes that every riders wants the bike to make steps in every area, which, admittedly, is a challenge. On his part, he says that he tries to improve all the time.

He notes that he and the manufacturer have a good base to work with, and, with the increased understanding of the base, he saw where the Aprilia motorbike needed work on, saying that the RS-GP needs work on acceleration and tuning.

The end goal is that he and the team manage to bring the bike to 100% percent, by developing, studying, and understanding it, as well as the situations it has to deal with. Bringing the bike to its full potential, Iannone says, is the priority now.

Esparago echoed Iannone’s sentiments, noting that the important thing for them is to keep doing points, finish in the top 10 in their races as much as they can, and take advantage of the bike’s strength whenever the opportunity arises. He gave an example regarding the Termas de Rio Hondo in Argentina, a track that he’s done well in the past, saying that the bike’s strong fifth and sixth gear performance means that the long straight in the Argentinean track makes it a good contender.