Goodwill Launches Computer Job Training: Microsoft Word Training Included

Microsoft Office has basically been to every office in the world that has computers in it even the ones owned by Apple. In fact, it was always said that Steve Jobs and his gang used the Windows operating system, the OS in which Microsoft Office ran first, to develop their own operating system. However, there’s one thing that could separate Microsoft among the rest of the field. Unlike its competitors in the market nowadays, Microsoft Office offers a complete of office-related applications that are commonly used by employees and employers alike on a daily basis not just in their respective workplaces but also when they need to get something done even when they are at home or they are on vacation elsewhere. One of the key components that remains the most frequently used among all Microsoft Office products is the Microsoft Word. Basically, Microsoft Word is a word processor which first devised by Microsoft back in October 25, 1983. Over the years, the said product has gone through a lot of changes in terms of what users can do while using the product. Right now, Word is now available as a free downloadable software that can be downloaded directly from Microsoft’s website. While almost everyone knows how to use Word, it’s still recommended that employees and employers alike undergo regular Microsoft Word training to keep their knowledge up-to-date.


Nowadays, there is a great number company which offer training courses for Microsoft Office software and other computer-related jobs. One of those company who recently launched their new computer job training courses is Goodwill’s Work Opportunity Centres. Goodwill is now open for applicants who wish to avail their advanced skill training courses which has the objective to help applicants gain potential office management positions. As of the moment, there are 62 scholarships that are available for the Advanced Computer and Office Skills Program which features valued kills in basic website up-keep, cloud-based file management and, computer hardware troubleshooting. This will also place potential applicants into various apprenticeships before giving them initial job opportunities where they will finally have the chance to exercise what they have learned from their Microsoft Word training.