Germanwings Co-Pilot Made A Sick Note The Day Of The Accident

Prosecutors have already ordered a search on the apartment of Andreas Lubitz and were able to recover a sick note which he torn apart. The sick note, according to the prosecutors, does not contain any message of Lubitz taking blame for the incident.

Before the crash of the aircraft, the prosecutors believed that Lubitz tried to hide his sickness and his employers have no idea.

The co-pilot of the Germanwings flight is now being accused of murder after he locked the captain out of the cockpit and prevented him from coming back. Alone, he deliberately made the decision to crash the plane and hit a mountainside in the area of French Alps.

The crash which happened last Tuesday resulted to 15 deaths which include all the passengers and no survivor. No intact body was found but the police were able to recover remains which are now around 400 to 600 pieces.

Prosecutors revealed in a press conference that the co-pilot of the Airbus A320, with flight departing from Barcelona going to Dusseldorf, was in possession of a sick note but decided to not say anything to the airline management.

Lubitz would not have been able to fly if the sick note was revealed. The note was found after his apartment was searched as well as his parents’ house in Montabaur.

Prosecutors shared that the sick note contained information revealing that the 27-year-old co-pilot was experiencing an illness and being treated medically at the time of the crash. Lubitz took no responsibility since no suicide note was left.

A clinic in the Dusseldorf University confirmed that Lubitz was in treatment for the last two months, February and March, but they denied they were treating him for depression.

The documents that were uncovered by the prosecution only reveal that he was sick and he was receiving the appropriate treatment. Among these documents were sick notes that states how he is not fit to work but was all torn up. This means that the management was unaware of his illness and he kept it from everyone in the work area.