FM Logistic To Address Increasing Demand For Pharmaceuticals In Romania

The experience and know-how of a medical logistics company will ensure that shipments of medicine, medical supplies and equipment arrive at its proper destination on time. Each shipment usually involves a tremendous amount of money and any wrong move can cause losses of thousands or even millions of dollars. Highly sensitive materials have to be handled properly and prioritized according to the customer’s requirements.

FM Logistic, a French logistics and transport provider, has recently opened a €20 million dedicated cold storage warehouse in Bucharest for the growing pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in Romania. The warehouse has an area of 10,000 square meters for receiving, storage and distribution of temperature-sensitive materials that include pharmaceuticals, vaccines and medical supplies.

The operations of the cold storage warehouse will comply with Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and Good Storage Practices for pharmaceutical products. Different temperature ranges of 15oC to 25oC, 2oC to -8oC and -25oC /-15oC are available for cold storage.

According to Christophe Menivard, FM Logistics director for Eastern Europe, the cold chain warehouse in Bucharest will help pharmaceutical companies in addressing the increasing demand for pharmaceuticals in Rumania.

Report of market research firm Cegedim revealed that for the last 12 months that ended in March 31, 2018, the sales of pharmaceutical products in Romania increased by 11.8% to €3.15 billion. The government’s efforts to improve access to healthcare have resulted to a stronger consumer demand for pharmaceuticals.

Expenses for healthcare in Romania have been historically low compared to the European Union as a whole. According to a European Commission Study, Romania only spent 4.9% of its GDP on health compared to the EU that spent an average of 9.9%.

Five facilities will be operated by FM Logistic in Romania including 3 logistics platforms totalling 95,000 square meters. The logistics company with a workforce of 750 people will provide logistics services that include warehousing, handling, secondary packaging and international transport.

Clients of medical logistics company have very specific demands that have to be met in a prompt manner. Since the shipments usually include medicines and medical supplies, they have to be prioritized because there are patients who need the product to regain their health.