Filling Your 2016 With Indian Food

According to an expert opinion made by Mallika Basu, an Indian cook and food writer from Evening Standard, there are five Indian foods and ingredients that will dominate this year. For those who have tried Indian food, it is no secret that Indian curries have been the well loved of all the Indian dishes that are served all over the globe. The first impression of Indian cuisine might not be good because of the perception that it is greasy and oily but these has changed immensely as more and more people are opening their taste buds into the spices and variations only an Indian food can offer. Nowadays, many locals in the West are captivated by these Indian dishes.

Here are 5 Indian offerings that will dominate 2016:

  • Savoury yogurt. The savoury yogurt is known as raita in India. It is best eaten when added with whole spices or sprinkles of grinded spices. This is a very common consumption in India as it can quench the hot weather perfectly well. For those who love to eat spicy dishes, the yogurt can also cleanse the tongue from too much chilly sting.
  • Goat meat. Goat is termed mutton all over the country of India and it is also the major meat ingredient used in making curries. It is preferred by locals since it contains less fat compared to chickens and it has more protein when compared with beef. Though lamb is tasty, it has a funny smell that is not present in goat meat.
  • Fresh turmeric. It is related to the more known ginger root and is use often because of its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Not to mention its ability to boost collagen.
  • Mustard oil. Though it has been looked over for many years because of the claim that it is not fit as food consumption, mustard oil will soon prove science to be wrong unless you are a rat. It has many applications in cooking as well as condition for the hair and skin and massage oil.
  • This is going to be a hit since it is gluten-free, with high content of fibre and protein and it is filled with nutrients. Included in the millets family are ragi, jowar and bajra.

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