Experts Reveal The Difference Between Organic And Natural Skin Products

New York City, NY – April 22, 2015 – Sometimes people tend to mix up organic and natural skin products. Whether they may be using an organic handcream or a natural cleanser, what matters is they know which is which and what is what. This is most important now that more and more women are turning to natural and organic skin care products because they are realizing the dangers of using harmful chemicals on their skin.

Cosmetic ingredients can be quite scary. Especially when you realize that the cosmetic industry is basically unregulated. The FDA does not need to approve every ingredient added to a product. Because of this, harmful chemicals can be used on certain products which would lead to damaging the skin instead of helping it. Not only that, anything that is applied directly to the skin will go directly to the bloodstream due to the lymphatic system. Simply put, you are eating your cosmetic products.

People are now slowly realizing that if they are basically eating their hand creams, why not eat an organic one, metaphorically speaking. That is why they are turning to a more organic or natural approach because they assume that this type of skin care products are made with natural ingredients and have not been touched by chemicals.

In the U.S., organic skin care products are divided into different categories as certified by the USDA and the NOP. The first category is called “100% Organic” and in this category, the use of the USDA seal is optional. All ingredients are considered organic in this category.

The second category is called “Organic” wherein the ingredients used as 95% organic. Like the first category, the use of the USDA seal is optional. The third category, on the other hand, is called “Made with Organic Ingredients” where the ingredients are at least 70% organic.

Finally, the last category is the “Less than 70% Organic Ingredients. Both the third and fourth categories cannot make use of the USDA seal.

Now, the difference between organic and natural skin care products is that organic skin care products are grown and they have never been exposed to any kind of pesticide or chemicals while the natural skin care products have ingredients that mainly come from nature, although there is the problem that some natural ingredients can be harmful to the body.