Drivers Are Requested By Paving Company To Drive Responsibly

A request plea was released by a paving company in Saskatchewan especially to motorists who should exercise caution when in the vicinity of construction sites in order to promote safety. HJR Asphalt is the paving company responsible for releasing the message after an unfortunate accident that happened on the construction site. Three teenagers passed away due to the accident that took place. They attempted to go through the construction site situated in the highway and was asked to stop and then another vehicle collided behind them.

A representative of HJR Asphalt, Reg Willick, said that the tragedy cause heartbreaks after the news broke and they had a tough weekend. This is the second accident that happened on site with the company. Last 2012, a flag person by the name of Ashley Richards died after crashing into the construction site. The most recent accident also injured another flag person though not from the company of HJR Asphalt.

Willick remembered how three year ago in the month of August another grim accident happened as well. It does not matter how trained and qualified the workers are if the motorists who are passing by are not taking precautions and watching out for signs.

The problem lies with the people who are driving and are not obeying any of the signs shown. Willick also shared how every worker in their company has undergone various endless training and their jobs are under supervision to make sure they will be able to take care of various situations. According to Willick, these precautions are all for nothing if the drivers are being reckless. These travelling people should be the very ones that aid to promote safety.

The incident that happened three years ago is the one that motivated Willick to be an advocate in following rules especially around construction sites by investing into photo radar. He also shared how this involvement has become his salvation and it encouraged him to listen more to whatever safety concern is raised.

HJR Asphalt is sending their support especially their understanding to the loved ones of those who were involved in the unfortunate accident.