Damaged Limo During Inauguration Day Will Not Be Paid By Insurance

When demonstrators protested in the streets of Washington D.C. during the new president’s Inauguration Day, several businesses, restaurants and vehicles suffered from extensive damages. One of the businesses that became victim to the riots was Nationwide Chauffeured Services from Virginia. The limo was set on fire and damages incurred will not likely be covered by insurance.

Muhammad Ashraf, a Muslim immigrant to the US, who is the president of Nationwide Chauffeured Services, said that the damages may cost as much as $70,000.  According to him, insurance only covers vandalism but not damages sustained during a riot. Ashraf said that driver Luis Villarroel brought a client to The Washington Post when the limousine was attacked and set on fire. The driver had to be taken to the hospital for the treatment of injuries on his hands and arms due to broken glass.

Muhammad claims that he is not a Trump supporter and he does not believe in violent riots since they can affect someone’s livelihood. Ashraf explained that replacing the limousine will cost tens of thousands of dollars which is not covered by insurance. It is also possible that insurance will not compensate the driver for his medical bills.

Ashraf cannot imagine how people can be so mean to damage the limo. The demonstrator’s acts were part of a 7-car operation before setting it on fire. A GoFundMe page online was able to raise about $8,000 to help the company. So far, the insurance company has not made any comments.

Just a few blocks away from the White House, anti-Trump demonstrators started smashing store windows and setting fire to cars. Heated clashes with the police broke out with the demonstrators throwing bricks at the police and the police retaliating with tear gas and nightsticks to contain the unruly mob. More than 230 demonstrators were arrested and will be charged with felony rioting.

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