Computer-Controlled Exhaust System Sings A Brahms Lullaby

Car owners usually opt for the Magnaflow Y Pipe to improve the performance of their vehicle. The Y exhaust pipe which is in the shape of letter Yis the pipe that comes down from the exhaust manifold. When choosing the Y pipe, choose the brand that offers the most attractive benefits like lifetime guarantee, corrosion resistance and longer life.

The car designers of Ford Motor Company are discussing the fully active performance exhaust and the process of tuning engine noise for the new 2019 2.3 liter EcoBoost-powered Mustang. When the Ecoboost-powered Mustang was still being developed, the engineers of Ford were considering a design where acoustic exhaust sounds will excite the senses and deliver a certain note of performance.

According to Hani Ayesh, exhaust development engineer of Ford, they are probably one of the few engineers that do not have to design an exhaust system based on a number or specification. Instead, the engineers had to identify a signature sound DNA that will connect drivers to whatever emotional expectations they happen to have for a particular car.

What the automotive sound engineers did was to rely on computational analysis in the design of the computer-controlled exhaust system. The design has to open valves similar to a saxophone or a big pipe organ so that the sound of the car will change based on the current mood of the driver.

Ayesh said that best analogy is an acoustic guitar that you strum to obtain a clear simple sound wave like a quiet Brahms’ lullaby kind of mood. If the guitar is plugged into an amplifier and cranked up to 11, it will produce an aggressive crackling sound for a lover of rock music.

When the driver steps on the gas of the 310HP turbocharged 4-cylinder Mustang, it will produce a throaty rumble similar to the large engine of Mustang GT and Shelby GT350 models.

Performance certainly comes in different ways. In fact, the Magnaflow Y Pipe is something that you can add to the car for more power. if you are not convinced, it is worth doing a little research to determine whether the Y pipe can do wonders for your vehicle.