Company Party Etiquette Dos And Don’ts

A company party is an opportunity to enjoy and have fun with colleagues. However, it can become a possible disaster, too. With one wrong move, anyone’s workplace reputation can get ruined. And, especially with the emergence of social media, the likelihood of exploits getting viral is getting higher.

CIO from IDG asked etiquette experts regarding the dos and don’ts for parties. These are their tips on balancing fun with decorum and professionalism.

Show up or RSVP

According to Sharon Schweitzer, who is Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide’s founder and an expert in business etiquette, an employee has to respond to the invite within 48 hours, whether that is from an email, evite, telephone or other methods.

She said that attendance is almost mandatory, since failing to go sends a bad message, and the upper management is going to take note of an absence.

Otherwise, according to Michelle Roccia from WinterWyman, an employee must at least RSVP with regrets as soon as possible. Additionally, if a commitment has been made to go, there must be a follow through, according to her.

Punctual arrival and departure

Schweitzer mentioned that an employee must pay attention to arrival and departure times, since arriving late is inappropriate for this setting, likewise with arriving too early.

According to Justin Lavelle, who is a communications director from PeopleLooker, one must arrive punctually and not leave last, too.

No extra guests

According to Schweitzer, one should read an invitation carefully especially the policy about guests to determine when an event is for employees only or when Plus One is fine.

Professional party attire

Schweitzer mentioned to pay attention to attire guidelines which are listed in the invitation.

She added that one must create a professional image particularly women.

Lavelle mentioned to take cues from HR leaders or the invitation. He said to always assume the need to wear something professional, unless the party calls for a casual dress or black tie.

Roccia said that one should not deviate from the dress code.


When a company throws a corporate event or party, probably with help from a Party Hire in Sydney or not, an employee must adhere to professional behaviour and decorum.