City’s History Maintained By Master Plasterer

Jeff Poree still remembers that time in 2012 where he, along with his workers, worked in resurfacing all of the ceiling as well as iconic columns that can be found in the Peristyle in City Park. The establishment is over a century.

Poree, 66 years old, is known as a master plasterer and he is not popular to be the type of person to relax. He also reminisces about the former job he had taken on in the Casino Building of the park.

He will order a coffee and just sit there as he stares admirably and appreciate all the curves on the ceiling, the architectural elements and the medallions which he can believe he did. He found these to be very beautiful.

The same habit was done by his father, Calvin Poree who is also a plasterer. His father used to stay at night after the job is done just to smoke a cigarette and admire what he and his workers have done for the day.

The Poree family has been in the plastering business for five generations already. This is the reason why it is inevitable for Jeff Poree to drive all over the historic place of New Orleans and not see the proof of the work that his family had done over the years – from his grandfather, to his father and now his.

Poree said that he refers to themselves as the maintenance men when it comes to local history. The historic architecture in the city depends on master craftsmen in order to be preserved.

According to Jonn Hankins from the New Orleans Master Crafts Guild, Poree plays a very crucial role in the future of plastering. He is very important to the coming generation of plasterers residing in New Orleans. Hankins also added that Poree does not only have the skills but the knowledge as well. He is a fruit of the past generations that has created master plasterers and he learned from his mentors well.

Poree is now the owners of the leading plastering company in his time. He is evidence that plastering is an art and one should choose carefully when looking for commercial plasterers in Sydney to make sure the finished product will be another work of art.