City Hall Installed With Replacement Boilers

At the beginning of this year, the finance, wage and salary committee of Rhine lander looked into the capital borrowing. They also checked the health of the old boilers located at the City Hall’s basement and they estimated that the heating system will still be able to hold for additional two years before they have to buy new ones. There are many pros and cons of boilers that are checked but they decided it will still be able to do its task.

During the announcement, the committee was relieved because they won’t have to borrow as much as $150,000 in order to buy new units as well as HVAC and hot water heater. This is because they are already borrowing more than $1 million for 2018. They do not want to increase the tax levy they have to pay for the debt service.

The problem is that their estimation was wrong. A week after their meeting, two of the boilers broke down. Thus at the same week, they have to unexpectedly replace all three units.

Keith Kost, the city administrator, explained to the committee that the two boilers broke down prior to January 8. He recounted that he was alerted early in the morning by Wendi Bixby who is the finance director because the temperature reached 41 degrees. They asked Jeremy Biolo, the parks, building and ground director, to check downstairs and they found that one boiler is not working anymore while the second one exploded. From then on the City Hall was operating with only one boiler. Before January ended, three boilers have already been replaced.

Sherrie Belliveau said that the worst is already over. The committee now requires an update regarding the cost of the three replacement units, the hot water heater as well as the installation costs. The old system of the City Hall requires one of the boilers to run all year long because this is where they get hot water. With the new system, this is no longer necessary.

There are various pros and cons of boilers but they recognize the fact that it is important for everyday operation of the City Hall.