Choosing The Right Kind Of Hair Extension

Do you want to have that coveted long locks but you just do not have the patience or the time to grow your hair? Try using hair extensions. The hair extensions are natural looking and are at the same time easy to use.

Before you go to the store and buy a hair extension, you first need to decide on the kind of extension that you want. Hair extensions are either made up of human hair or synthetic. Synthetic hair extensions are manufactured with plastic or keratin mix which imitates the way human hair appears. Human hair used as extensions are donated by people and are purposefully given to be made into extensions. There are also different grades of human hair like Indian, Brazilian and Malaysian. The best grade of human hair comes in its natural state which allows for the hair to be curled, straightened and even colored to a desired color.

You need to note though that although synthetic hair extensions do a good job in imitating the appearance of real human hair, it lacks the texture of the natural hair. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy a human hair for extension, you also have to get ready of your cash since it is much expensive compared to the synthetic one.

You also have to consider if you will be making use of clip-in hair extensions. This kind of extension can either be human or synthetic which are attached to a hair clip and allows a temporary extension to your hair. So far, this is dubbed as the cheapest hair extension and is also the easiest to install. The clip-in hair extensions need to be reapplied daily since they will fall out after a day’s use.
Trendy extensions also fuse several hair extensions. The fusion extensions can either be human or synthetic hair which is treated at a certain end using a special keratin wax or glue and is melted into your natural hair. This extension is dubbed as the longest lasting hair extension. However, they do not come in cheap and are significantly very expensive.