Chinese Investors Are On A Roll In Thailand

There seems to be no end in demand for properties in Bangkok. While the number of tourists from China may have declined a little, there is no denying that there is more Chinese investors who are interested in the real estate market of Thailand’s capital. It might surprise the public to know that some Bangkok property rental is actually owned by Chinese nationals.

Based on a new report, Chinese nationals are the most frequent travellers to Thailand and they are also the most enthusiastic when it comes to buying properties in the country. In fact, they have created a new record for the third quarter of 2018. Thailand’s second highest number of foreign investors is citizens of Hong Kong. published that enquiry from foreign buyers from mainland China has increased by more than two times based on year-on-year figure. The record for the third quarter of 2018 is even higher by 30 per cent compared to the record from the second quarter of the same year.

In a statement from the CEO of, Carrie Law, she said that they are met with a sudden increase of enquiries for real estate properties in Thailand. She added that one of the main reasons why the result is staggering is because August was met with a sudden surge. The impact overall is that the inquiries for quarter three is twice as much as the same period last year.

Not to mention the fact that Chinese tourists have been giving their unwavering support to the economy of the country even as their own country is celebrating the annual Golden Week holiday. The figures might be lower this year than the forecast but it still surpassed the number of visitation the previous year.

Carrie said that many Chinese tourists are looking to Thailand because there are more options when it comes to tourist attractions, the two countries have a good standing relationship and vacationing in Thailand is affordable that they can travel solo or even in large groups. The drop in the number of tourists was felt by Bangkok property rental but it is not the only one suffering a drop from Chinese tourists because Japan is also affected after Typhoon Trami hit the country.