Changing The Traditional Look Of Floor Tiles Through Digital Glazing Technology

Technology has given floor tiles a new look. Tiles have always been popular among homeowners but if you haven’t remodelled the home in a while, you will be surprised at the wide range of styles and designs available. The biggest game-changer is digital glazing technology that can replicate the look of virtually any kind of surface whether timber, stone or concrete.

According to Bob Beaumont an executive of Beaumont Tiles, digital glazing technology has successfully created the look of natural materials. Sometimes, people have to touch the surface in order to determine whether it is real or not. People’s favourites nowadays are timber and terrazzo designs. The terrazzo design matches beautifully with the powerful industrial-style of home interior décor.

Mr. Beaumont also said that there are benefits of using tiles on floors. The look of timber can be created without the need to re-sand or re-seal every so often. Patterned tiles are also hot particularly those that are digitally printed to replicate Middle Eastern and heritage motifs. Large format tiles are also popular for living areas.

Traditionally, tiles were only available in small formats like 150cm x 150cm or 200 cm x 200cm. With the advent of digital glazing technology, homeowners have the option of large format tiles that are easier to lay. Aside from the savings in the amount of grout required, large format tiles can create a more continuous and consistent look and feel.

However, the end goal is a more important factor than size and design when choosing tiles. It is important to take into account where and how the tiles will be placed and the look that will be created. It is critical to determine whether the tiles will be used for high traffic areas, for wet areas or outdoor use. No matter how or where the tiles will be used, it is important to ensure that the choice will enhance the home.

When floor tiles are chosen with care, they can easily enhance the aesthetics of the home. Tiles can make a great difference if you use them to create individual looks for rooms. The home can appear larger and more cohesive when you allow colours to flow from one room to the other.