Car Safety Campaigned Pushed Anew

Older generations know the struggle of a vehicle breaking down and looking for a cheap mechanic on the Gold Coast to have their car serviced right away. Does the same thing apply to Millennials? According to the latest research, only a small percentage of millennials are willing to take matters in their hands and use the tyre-changing kit they have on the car. What is more shocking is that many do not have an idea they even have a tyre-changing kit.

What do millennials do when their car breaks down? The first thing they do is make a post on their respective social media pages. One example is Molly and Leah who are best friends from Gold Coast. They were put in a predicament when their tyre went flat but the first thing they did is chronicle it on social media.

Previous surveys have already revealed that drivers 25 years old and below are considered to be the most vulnerable motorists. The research further added that these young drivers usually forego the usual basic safety checks and initials before they go on the road which could result to serious road trauma and accidents.

Leah shared that when the tyre went flat, she contacted her dad who told her that he has already warned her a week before to have her tyres checked. The friends are on their way to a picnic with a group of friends and they don’t know what steps to take next.

Driver Safety Australia published that three in every four drivers in the country who are 25 years old and below have vehicles that are older than ten years. Despite this, majority of them are not performing the basic checks but they leave the task to someone else while others think that their car will send out a signal when it encounters safety problems.

Young drivers are also willing to spend a lot for their meals instead of using the money to buy replacement parts for their car such as windscreen wiper and headlights. They are also not willing to hire cheap mechanic on the Gold Coast to have their cars inspected regularly to avoid road troubles.