Bristol Entrepreneurs Set Up Website For Rating Landlords

Bristol is currently having some issues with their renting and housing market, with comments about terrible landlords, and bad letting agencies driving an issue in the housing market that leads to rents spiraling out of control, with inadequate supply for the current demands, and with tenants facing the near-constant risk of eviction. This housing market has also bled into relevant fields, affecting other businesses such as plumbers in Bristol and the like.

Marks Out of Tenancy, a website set up by two entrepreneurs, Ben Yarrow and Tom Dickinson, is a dedicated site for tenants to evaluate their landlords and the agencies that led them to said landlords. The site was only recently launched on April 9, but is already making headway into expanding its reach globally.

Yarrow and Dickinson have stated that the site is specifically not for bashing landlords, but acting as the tenant equivalent for something like TripAdvisor: a place where in the customers can express their opinions, give reviews, point out what landlords and letting agencies do right, and what they do wrong, effectively turning the site into not only a guide for tenants making decisions, but also for landlords and letting agencies hoping to keep themselves in the groove.

The creators have pointed out that the site is ‘neutral space’ and landlords and lettings agencies have their page on the site, with the appropriate control over it, allowing them to set up an online identity, which, ideally, will be compounded with positive tenant reviews.

The creators have also expressed their beliefs that the site should not only work for landlords and their housings, but also for entire areas, allowing tenants to give reviews about locations, since, sometimes, landlords are having a bit of trouble with their location, but their service and choice of location is, ultimately desirable for a tenant. Perhaps the site was unable to hire a proper plumbers in Bristol, or its recovering from some issue. Area evaluations allow landlords and agencies breathing room, in that they can still show that they are desirable, even though they’re not in the best condition as of the tenants’ stay.

Yarrow and Dickinson have expressed their desire to see the site expand globally, giving tenants a tool with which to express opinion about landlords and agencies, with the aim that these landlords and agencies will see their reviews and seek out what needs improvement.