Bridge 21, A Unique Educational Program By Trinity College

Bridge 21 is a unique educational program developed by Trinity College, Dublin. The programis aimed at the secondary level schools in Ireland. The modern educational program aims to provide innovative learning through the use of project and team based education which is cross-curricular and mediated by technology.

The bridge 21 program is one of the causes supported by Denis O brien, who promotes the use of the program in general education. He opines that, the program will aid to develop new methods of teaching and will aid in nurturing new age entrepreneurs and global leaders who thrive in knowledge based economies.

The research, workshops and training of the bridge 21 program are entirely privately funded by various donors like Denis Obrien, who believe in the effectiveness of the program. The program aims to work with partner schools and help them to develop modern teaching methods and technologies.

The bridge 21 program works on the core principles of team based projects with emphasis on the use of technology. The learning modules are integrated with high end technology, which encourages the students to experiment and enjoy the process of learning. The education model provides a win-win solution for the students, schools and teachers participating in the program.

The program starts with an introduction workshop for the students of the partner schools in Dublin and also all over Ireland. The introduction workshop is a one or two days’ workshop that introduces the students to the bridge 21 model of learning. Students spend a day in the trinity college campus and work in teams to complete a creative and fun project. The technical project involves multimedia work and introduces the students to learning using project and team based mechanism.

The transition year program invites students pursuing transition year courses in the partner schools to spend four days in the Trinity campus. The students get a flavor of life at Trinity and gain new technological skills. Most of the students are invited to attend advanced programs in various fields ranging from language to science to computer programming. Approximately two hundred fifty students take part in a range of workshops throughout the year. Most of the students selected for these workshops are from schools with disadvantage status. The workshops of bridge 21 are sponsored by private donors like Denis O brien, who believe in the power of the program in transforming the education system.