Bondi Beach Names Most Expensive Seaside Locale In Australia

For those headed to Bondi Beach, there’s a lot of reasons to visit the sunny locale. Maybe the visit’s for hair extentions in Bondi, maybe it’s for the stores, or, more commonly, maybe it’s for a ‘free’ day out at the beach.

For whatever reason one might visit Bondi, a well-stocked purse is important, as the locale has been named the single most expensive seaside location in Australia, even managing to rank 50th across the world, at least based on how much money holidaymakers spend on the essentials.

The famous NSW destination beat out other places in the country, with the average cost for beach-goers clocking in at $58.95/person. Though, the calculations do not include the costs of getting hair extentions in Bondi and the like, as the index calculated averages by the cost of the following essentials: sunscreen, bottled water, beer, ice cream, and, of course, lunch.

At least, a day in Bondi won’t lighten your wallet as bad as a visit to Norway’s  Kristiansand Beach or Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana, as revealed by the Beach Price Index made by online travel specialist, TravelBird.

The list, however, was topped by three Norwegian beaches, a typical day in these beaches was more expensive than any other place, with the aforementioned Kristiansand, Huk and Solastranda Beaches clocking in at $86.38, $82.78 and $80.64, respectively.

The index, which lists down 310 seaside destinations across the globe, also listed several other Australian beaches:

  • Blinky Beach:$54.90
  • Palm Cove: $55.23
  • Cottesloe Beach: $55.41
  • 75 Mile Beach: $55.53
  • The Basin: $56.12
  • Mindil Beach:$56.27

Based on the price listings on the index, a day at the beach in Australia costs, on average, around $54 to $58 per person, with minimal deviation across the country. An average day under the Bondi sun will cost $12 for sunscreen, $7 for a beer, $3.80 for ice cream, $3.00 for some bottled water, and, finally, $32.80 for lunch at one of Bondi’s cafés, totaling at $58.95. A day at Whithaven Beach, however, will only save a tourist 47 cents, at $58.48.

Vietnam, however, has been living up to its reputation as the new Bali, with three of the cheapest beachside locations listed in the index located at Vietnam.

  • Long Beach in PhuQuoc at $19.27
  • City Beach in NhaTrang at $18.59
  • Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An at $17.61

Other countries who ranked with cheap destinations include India, Croatia, Germany, and Egypt.