Azolla As Latin America’s Key In Biofuel Market, Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan Says

With non-renewable resources depleting over the years, experts have began to look for better alternatives that would enable sustainable living in the planet. Trade expert Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan explains how Azolla could be the answer.



To combat this problem, experts have begun to look for better alternatives. Renewable resources are being promoted to create a more sustainable living model for everyone in the planet. This includes the use of geothermal energy— that is, the heat coming from the planet itself, as well as wind turbines and solar panels. These make use of the planet’s heat, wind, and sunlight in order to produce electricity for homes and other establishments. These are seen as viable alternatives as they are free and create less pollution, if at all. Entrepreneur Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan explains that Azolla is yet another option that must be considered as source of sustainable fuel.


What is Azolla?

Azolla is an aquatic plant found all throughout Latin America. It primarily grows in contaminated water where it consumes the chemicals for its own growth. This not only turns existing problems with water pollution as an element for the growth of the plant, but also improves the quality of the water where it grows.


Azolla as Foodstock for Biofuel

Azolla is proved to be an effective foodstock in the production of biofuel. This means that arable land can be used for the production of other crops, and production of foodstock like azolla can be transferred to wastewater. This could improve the overall production capacity of Latin America. The problem with limited arable land exists in many places in the planet, and the fact that azolla can thrive in wastewater and improve the water’s quality at the same time means that the limited land could be devoted to crops and plants that cannot thrive in other conditions.


Latin America in the Biofuel Industry

Mr. Dellan adds that by using azolla as foodstock for biofuel, Latin America could be at an advantageous position in the biofuel industry— an emerging industry in the planet’s collective effort to achieve sustainable living. Since the plant naturally grows in the region, Latin America has the edge in its production compared to other continents.


Azolla lives up to its title as green gold mine, with all its benefits not only for the environment, but also for the whole Latin American region.