An Inspiring Story Of A Unique Determination

Ribbons have always been associated with awards. Ribbons are often presented as a symbol of achievement with information about the award, the event, the sponsoring organization, date and the placement whether it is first, second or third place.

Sometimes there are ribbons that are more than well deserved by the recipient. Hunter Noble is the little boy who crossed the finish line of a 50-yard dash on his hands and knees. The little boy is wheelchair-bound but instead of being pushed, he preferred to reach the finish line on his own powers.

The crowd that was attending the recent Goodwill games did not know Hunter but they realized what was transpiring when they saw the little boy on all fours heading towards the finish line. Hunter said he wanted to crawl and that was what he did. As the crowd realized what was happening, they started to cheer for Hunter. Spectators stood up and along with teachers, parents and other students, everybody started applauding and cheering.

Hunter never realized what was happening and that all attention was on him. When he finally reached the finish line to collect his ribbon, lots of folks were wiping tears from their eyes. The little boy completed the race using his strength. His determination has touched everybody in the race.

Goodwill Games are held annually at Dexter for students with special needs in Stoddard County. Events included dashes, jumps, distance throws and relays. Some of the children were wheelchair bound like Hunter and when it came to the 50-yard dash, they lined up at the starting line in their wheelchairs. However, Hunter’s wheelchair was empty because he decided to run using the power of his arms to himself forward.

You can tell by the holes on the knees of his pants and the worn out toes of his shoes that it is not uncommon for Hunter to crawl. Never had Hunter allowed his disability to slow him down. There have been a lot of champions who crossed the finish line but there has never been a finisher like Hunter who provided inspiration because of his unique determination.