All About Pure Essential Oils

It’s really hard to find pure essential oils nowadays especially with its time consuming and intricate process involved. There is greater demand more than the supply. First you need to ask what comprises them? There are many elements that play a role on its purity. It is combined with various chemical components which make it great for medicinal purposes.

When pure essential oils are being produced, it needs to have the aromatic compounds preserved as much as possible. The aromatic chemicals are so fragile that you can lose it in high temperature, pressure and chemically reactive metals. The essential oils must be distilled in stainless steel cooking chambers at low pressures and low temperatures.

So you may wish for pure therapeutic grade essential oil that has been cared for in growing and the distillation processes and so with the testing phase. The price for this essential oil can go really high; however, the therapeutic effects are endless. Also, buying inexpensive oils are synthetic and it may have side effects which are harmful to the body. When you choose organic essential oils, you know that the plant extracts are free from fertilizers, pesticides and other agrichemicals.

The main components and fragrance of common essential oils have been successfully innovated by chemists working in laboratories. These are considered synthetic oils and lack the purity of organic essential oils. The chemists may be unable to innovate all the molecules and isomers leaving it synthetic in an unnatural state. Now this can be harmful and will yield no benefits at all. This has been a growing concern for many customers as there are more supply of these synthetic products than organic essential oils.

The pure essential oils can take a lot of preparation and testing to be considered therapeutic. It begins with the seed and finishes with the distillation process. It is very crucial to know whom you’re buying the essential oils from and how these are processed. The therapeutic grade essential oils can greatly affect the body, mind and spirit. So always remember that for you to receive the health benefits from essential oils, they need to be made pure.