AHPRA Investigates Marketing Strategies For Clear Aligners

For adults, a more favorable alternative to traditional metal braces is Invisalign in Reading which is a series of thin transparent aligners that fit over the teeth to straighten them over time. The convenience and comfort gained from the invisible aligners have made it a popular orthodontic choice. Patients have reported a high rate of satisfaction from the aligners.

Only orthodontists or dentists can prescribe Invisalign aligners to their patients. Regular checkups are also required to adjust the dental appliance. This is in sharp contrast to mail-order aligners that send customers with an impression kit assessed by an orthodontist to create customized clear aligners.

Four separate investigations were made by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) after The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald revealed complaints from insiders in the dental industry regarding the marketing techniques of invisible aligners.

According to the complaint, dozens of social media influencers with thousands of followers are promoting teeth aligner products through social media platforms without any adequate disclosure of benefits. It was also claimed that there are dentists and orthodontists who receive discounts based on the number of patients that order the appliance without disclosing the benefits.

Under AHRPA’S Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, breaches of the law could result to $5,000 penalty for individuals and $10,000 for companies. Influencers are breaching the law if they promote clear aligners for an orthodontist’s or dentist’s services and treatments if commercial arrangements are not disclosed.

Section 133 of the National Law states that a person must not advertise a health service or business that provides regulated health service in a manner that directly or indirectly encourages indiscriminate or unnecessary use of the regulated health services.

According to Invisalign Australia, they are complying seriously with the law and regulatory requirements. The company has never been a subject of prosecution or disciplinary procedure or action by an Australian regulatory body.

The popularity of Invisalign in Reading has ballooned in recent years because it allows adults to straighten their teeth and achieve a beauty smile in privacy. Invisible aligners are being recommended by orthodontists to adults who do not want the wear traditional metal braces with wires and brackets.