Adventure And Thrill-Seeking Has Its Share Of Its Risks

A different kind of experience awaits tourists at 4 star hotel in Phuket that is just a stone’s throw away from the magnificent coastline. The population of Phuket is predominantly transient with most visitors looking for adventure and unique experiences. However, it is important to be cautious because thrill-seeking may potentially become dangerous.

A brief description of some of the island visitors gives an idea on how adventure can be risky. Robert, a visitor from the United Kingdom rented a motorbike in Phuket because it is cheap. He wanted to ride the motorbike to get around the island although he never rode one back home.

Annie is a Chinese tourist who tried speedboat snorkelling tour to the Coral Islands. The beautiful and calm waters were very attractive but Annie has never snorkelled before. Russian visitor Yolov tries swimming at Surin Beach right in front of the red flags. He has never experienced swimming in the ocean.

A vast majority of tourists in Phuket participate in land, transport and marine activities. They come from different parts of the world from airport to airport. They are suffering from jet lag and very likely to be unfamiliar with the local Thai culture. They have not made the effort to research the risks that they are about to encounter. There is a misconception that a holiday is always safe for them.

Some visitors to Phuket are usually inexperienced. Riding recklessly on a jet ski and crashing is a common occurrence. At the beaches, tourists assume that they scuba diving is rather easy to handle. They see local surfers during the monsoon season and they do not stop to think that these surfers are well experienced in rough waters. Scuba diving for the inexperienced can be dangerous but visitors do not see it that way; they want to experience the thrills that the local surfers enjoy.

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