Add Flexibility At Work Through Sit Stand Desks

Those who remain seated at work for most of the day can suffer problems like soreness in the back and legs. If the problem is left untreated, it can cause repetitive strain injuries that result to long-term disability. One possible solution to avoid the problem is to stay mobile. It does not only make your muscles and bones active and flexible, it minimises the chance of developing muscle injuries. Furthermore, you need to alleviate your posture with good movement patterns. For this reason, you need sit stand desks to minimise bad posture and relieve you from unnecessary back pain.

Most of the medical practitioners say that alternating standing and sitting positions at work can prevent possible muscle cramping and stiffness, slow blood circulation and discomfort. If you vary your work positions within the day, you make yourself more alert, energetic and productive, while you remain comfortable and pain-free.

With the ergonomically designed sit stand desks, you can now enjoy the benefits of flexible work positions. Aside from its functionality, you have the modern desk clean and simple adding more aesthetics to the design of your office.

The flexible ergonomic desk will improve your comfort and minimise health hazards that you experience from a stationary position all throughout the day. The sit stand desks are pushed by an electric motor and comes with a height variation of 25 to 52-inches. The adjustment speed is around 1.7-inches per second and weighs around 130-pounds per leg. The desk comes with a lacquered veneer top that is about 0.86-inches thick. As it’s automated, you can transition the desk from seated to standing position with one press of the button. It’s truly a dynamic office solution to own.

The sit stand desk is actually made up of steel where it ensures durability and strength. It’s not only for maximum load bearing functions but also for sturdiness. The pencil drawers can be easily pulled or swivelled, and the mobile file cabinet can solve storage and space problems. The file cabinet has a central lock to ensure utmost security. There are also desks available to hold the keyboard and CPU.