A Modern Take For The Classic Vespa

You might have seen the classic Vespa for sale many times and it stands out from the rest because of the absence of a pedals. In terms of practicality, it cannot rival the e-bike but it has so much more when it comes to minimalistic design and elegant vibe. The very first view of the Vespa we know of might be from the movie “Roman Holiday” wherein Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck acted together.

The original designer was Corradino D’Ascanio, an aeronautical engineer, commissioned by Piaggio. During the time of the design, the concept was considered to be the answer to the issues that are plaguing the motorcycle industry. It is tagged to be a revolutionary model.

A website called The History Blog states that the innovation is equipped with a gear shift found on the handlebars for ease of driving. Furthermore, it is easy to replace the tyres without having to hire a mechanic and the design of the body intends to protect the driver from various outside elements such as street debris, mud and dust. The engine was enclosed therefore grease stains cannot be contacted by the street clothes the rider is wearing. It is intended to be used for long journeys because the seat is comfortable.

Its popularity skyrocketed after the movie was released to the public. It was then that the Vespa got its nickname as a worldwide icon featured in a movie everyone was craving about. There are downsides though because of the available technology during that time. The classic scooter was stinky and a source of noise pollution due to its 2-stroke engine with 98cc capacity.

Now, the classic Vespa received a modern transformation in the hands of Guilio Iaccetti. It still embodies the same concept of a lightweight and fast Vespa 98. This is a big change compared to the most recent generation where the scooters are getting heavier. The new design is not only simpler but it is also smoother.

The lateral shells are no longer there because an electric motor was used therefore occupying a smaller space. Modern technology was used for the lights, controls, fuel gauge and speedometer. Time will tell if the new electric Vespa for sale will rival the classic one.