4 Reasons To Avoid DIY Braces

DIY braces are cheap. It costs almost half cheaper than getting the services from a licensed orthodontist. However, DIY braces have more cons than pros. Here are four disadvantages of getting at-home teeth straightening kits.

Teeth loss

Straitening your teeth should be done by a professional who spent years of studying to perfect crooked teeth. You cannot expect a DIY to work magic on something that requires years to achieve expertise. With at-home kits, they use tight rubber bands or materials for faster teeth adjustment. Tight DIY braces restrict the flow of blood at the roots thereby cutting blood supply at the teeth. When the roots are damaged, you run the risk of losing your teeth by having them pulled by a dentist. Keepingyour rotten teeth offers a good breeding ground for bacteria resulting to gingivitis and other gum and tooth diseases.

Gum disease

Another danger of DIY braces is the high possibility of developing gum diseases for those who resort to it. At-home kits are not sterilized and it involves nonmedical-grade supplies.  This paves the way for the growth of infection along the gum line and roots. At-home kits usually involve paper clips that can puncture and injure the gum tissue resulting to sores and lesions that can produce pus.

Unnecessary expenses

Because DIY braces are proven ineffective and does more harm than good, a person who uses the kit may incur unnecessary expenses to correct the dental and oral damage. There are those who require surgery and dentures to replace the extracted tooth out of using at-home teeth strengthening kits. Also, corrective dental procedures are more expensive as they are more complicated to do compare to natural corrective procedures, such as applying braces to crooked teeth.

Emotional and psychological trauma

Experimenting in DIY braces and getting bad results can lead to emotional trauma. A child who compelled her parents to spend thousands of dollars for corrective procedures can get guilt-stricken and may suffer from confusion, withdrawal from friends and everyone around him or her, insomnia and shame. It is important to go to a professional orthodontist for your braces and other dental issues.