3 Top Qualities Of Sports Bar Waitress In Phuket

There are several perks of working in a sports bar in Phuket. Aside from getting tips from regular customers, you also get to enjoy all-American dishes and at the same time, meet interesting individuals along the way. However, just like any other jobs, there would always be challenges but all in all; working at a sports bar is a worthy experience that can even serve as your stepping stone to a higher, more lucrative job. To make it in the industry, here are some of the qualities customers and bar owners alike, are looking for in a waitress or service crew.

Outgoing and pleasing personality

One of the things that attracts customers and encourages them to do repeat business transaction with an establishment is its staff and food servers. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to have your meals where waitresses and waiters look glum and unbecoming. Managers generally hire potential workers who have sunny disposition and those who can easily elicit smiles from their customers. Sports bar in Phuket are frequented by male sports fanatics so you should know how to conduct yourself before customers in such a way that they will be pleased with your service while maintaining a cordial customer-waitress relationship.

Familiar with the menu

When customers order from restaurants, they would normally ask what’s included in the dishes or what are the general ingredients found therein.  Make sure that you are familiar with the menu to provide satisfactory answers. It would also be best if you can communicate in basic English language especially for those who are not Americans but wants to apply for a job in an American sports bar or restaurant in Phuket. It would also be a positive point if you would mentally take note of your customer’s favourite food or drinks so you could serve them better.

Fast and efficient

Another qualification needed for waitresses in sports bar in Phuket is efficiency and the ability to deliver food in less time. You have to concentrate on your job, take note of orders and deliver the food while hot and soon enough, you will be recognized by your customers and managers.