3 Tips To Improve Engine Power

In order for your car to go faster, it requires additional combustion in the fuel chamber. To do that, add more air and fuel instead of adding more oil into the engine. Boosting your engine’s power can be done easily if you have knowledge in car engines. Otherwise, talk to a qualified auto mechanic or call TDot Performance for ideas related to your auto parts. To boost your car engine’s performance, here are some ideas.

Cold Air Intake

Using Cold Air Intake (CAI) is the cheapest way to improve your car’s horsepower and torque. It is also easy to do.There are aftermarket CAI that you can purchase online or you can have it assembled by a local auto supplier in your area. CAI functions by turning pulled air into cold and dense, which then mixes with fuel resulting to burning and production of power. The more air is condensed, the more air gets inside the cylinder resulting to added combustion.

Make your car lighter

The lighter the car, the easier and faster it is to more. Thus, it is a good idea to replace bulky car parts with lighter components. You might consider replacing your bulky seats with something leaner or you may want to get rid of extra seats. Check out online suppliers, such as TDot Performance for car parts replacement ideas. You can also check your entire vehicle and see if there are unused components or things in the trunk that adds weight.Glass windows are heavier than the acrylic type while disc brakes are lighter than traditional brakes.Consider replacing the heavy parts with lighter counterparts.

Regular maintenance check

One of the secrets to keeping a car in optimum condition is to have it checked regularly, based on schedule, by a qualified auto technician. This will keep your car in its optimum condition and any potential issue can be prevented. You will also be informed by the technician if there is a need to replace some car parts for your car’s engine performance. There are a lot of online suppliers, such as TDot Performance that sells affordable car parts for your car’s boosted power.