1 Pound Per Day Weight Loss From HCG Diet

According to a Fox News report, there will be more weight loss clinics that are to legally prescribe HCG diets for those patients wanting to lost weight quickly – with up to a loss of a pound per day.

How HCG works

The HCG diet entails undergoing a very low calorie diet (VLCD), around 500 to 800 calories each day, while also receiving the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. This is a natural hormone which is made by a woman’s placenta during pregnancy which supports a fetus’ growth and development.

The HCG diet has some controversy attached to it. This is because there are cases of dieters, obese or overweight, who lost a significant amount of weight, and this is in a short span of time. While several people argue that a VLCD will cause a large weight loss without the HCG shots or drops, the advocates of HCG diet claim that making use of HCG when dieting retains the lean muscles while fat is getting lost, than losing muscles and fat at the same time as what happens during a VLCD.

The HCG diet is not cheap, especially the injections, and consumers are sometimes tempted to buy HCG online, those cheaper HCG products. Based from the news report, clinics which promote weight loss from the HCG diet inform patients that HCG is legally purchased after acquiring a physician’s prescription and should refrain from supplements claiming as an HCG diet.

Testimony of two individuals

The Fox News report shared the testimony of two individuals named Tiffany, not her real name, and Craig Strowig. They both tried the HCG diet, both willing to be interviewed.

Tiffany said that she is embarrassed of her weight and of how big she has become. She sought help from Forward Medical Weight Loss clinic. She claimed that she gained weight from it.

Craig, on the other hand, lost 45 pounds with HCG during his first 45 days of being on the diet.

The difference in these two individuals’ results is not unusual. From an episode of The Dr. Oz Show, the clinical reviews were not conclusive, whether or not it actually works. At best, it appears to work for several dieters, but not the majority who try the HCG diet.