Wood Looking Tiles The New Trend

Having tiles inside your home is beautiful but it can be hard work at times since you have to maintain it looking clean and shiny. There are cases wherein the help of professional tile and grout cleaning in Perth is needed but there is good news. There is now a style of tiles that look like wood. Designers and homeowners have more options now than a few years back. There are tile that resembles glass, wood and porcelain.

According to the designer and sales manager of a tile company, SheronGearhardt, for the past half decade it has been evident that wood tiles are growing to be a trend.

Families no longer have to opt for plank but they can have tiles that resemble wood which is recommended for active kids and an always busy household.

She also said that another advantage of wood tiles is that it is easy to maintain and very durable when it comes to daily forces such as homes with pets or with a lot of foot traffic.

David Stover who is the vice president of sales for a carpet and tile company, there are many advantages to tiles compared to wood this it is the best choice when choosing flooring for a home.

Almost all homeowners are dreaming of having wood floors but it is not the most practical choice of they have pets and kids or if they live in an area with high moisture. Wood tile came as a solution to this problem and it can be used in any room of the house.

Wood tiles are available in various sizes which make it easier to be used in floors or even walls. Gearhardt said that larger tiles should be used in small spaces because it gives off the illusion that the room is spacious.

Stover said that more homeowners prefer tiles with simple designs and plain coloured ones such as white and other light colours. Coloured grout is also recommended to give the space an edge. They recommended hiring professional tile and grout cleaning in Perth in order to maintain the colour and durability of the materials.