Winter, The Best season To Visit Niagara

Niagara Falls is an amazing geological wonder. Approximately twelve million tourists visit the waterfalls every year. The gigantic Niagara waterfall comprises of three different falls namely, The Horseshoe falls, the Bridal Veil Falls and the American falls. Nearly one fifth of the world’s fresh water cascades down the Niagara Falls.

While every season is beautiful at the Niagara falls. Winter brings an enhanced beauty to the falls. The sub-zero temperatures during the winters transforms the Niagara Falls into a marvelous landscape. The mist and spray from the Waterfall is frozen due to the ice cold winds and form beautiful ice sculptures around the falls. Though the Niagara falls ferry ride is not available during the winters, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the frozen landscape.

The build-up of ice on the falls creates an illusion that the waterfall has frozen. But according to the records at the Niagara Park, The Niagara Waterfall froze only during 1848 due to the build-up of ice on the Niagara River which blocked the water flow. Since 1848, the Niagara never froze completely.

The winter festival of lights is organized at the Niagara Falls from November to January. The Niagara parkway is illuminated with over one hundred and twenty five animated lighting displays and over two million lights. The colorful lights add an extra beauty to the ice formations over the Niagara Falls and enhances its beauty. The New Year celebrations at the Niagara waterfalls is free entertainment for the whole family. The fireworks displays over the falls for children and adults and live entertainment.

The Icewine festival is also celebrated at Niagara Falls during the second and third weekends of January. Tourists can enjoy ‘the liquid gold’ from Canada straight from the wineries. There are many events and culinary experiences along with wine tasting from the local wineries.

Go ahead and plan a trip to the Niagara Falls during the winters to have a glimpse of the natural winter wonderland. Enjoy the winter festival of lights, The New year celebrations and the Icewine festival during the winters. Though you will miss out the Niagara falls ferry ride, the beauty of the surroundings during winters is once in a lifetime experience.