Why You Should Visit Scotland This Year

There are plenty of reasons why you should visit the majestic and grandeur place of Scotland this year.

  • 2015 is the year of the food and drink and Scotland. There will be different events across the country to celebrate the Food and Drink industry.
  • Majestic coastlines. Scotland is gifted by coasts that are adorned with powdery sand. Its coastline is even three times greater than that of England’s and twice of those of Spain and France. Though the country may be small, it has vast coastlines that you will certainly enjoy exploring.
  • This country is the home of the golf. It was where the sport was first played and that world famous courses are basking the countryside of this nation.
  • No one can compare to the whisky that comes from Scotland. Some countries are trying their best in order to have the best whisky in town. But in Scotland it just comes about naturally. There are hundreds of distilleries in the country which are open to the public.
  • Adventure sports. If you are seeking for adventure, then you need to visit Scotland. Whether you want to tackle a mountain or bash downhill, you can engage in such adventure in Scotland.
  • Scotland has a rich history of its own. One of the tourist attractions in the country that will tell of the history of the country is the standing stones situated at the end of the world on Orkney or Calanais.
  • Great Food. Devour on the great local recipes in the countryside.
  • Celtic culture. The mystical old days of Scottish culture will surely amaze you. You will be engaged in a unique manner by the tradition in the country.
  • Be awestruck with the rich wildlife in the country like stately stags and huge eagles. There are also sharks, killer whales and dolphins in Scottish sea.

Equally important to take into consideration when you go Scotland is to find a place for you to stay. You can opt to stay in luxury cottages Aviemore and be pampered accordingly.