Why You Need To Try The New Lincoln Navigator

These past few years, Lincoln has been lagging behind when it comes to selling autobahn cruisers because of the stiff competition from foreign manufacturers. Now the company is determined more than ever to get back in the scene with the recently released 2018 Lincoln Navigator. This is a bold move from the auto manufacturer in order to regain the title of producing classy and high quality vehicles under the brand’s banner. It is that time again when consumers will be dreaming about their leather seat covers and comfortable ride.

The exterior of the vehicle is imposing enough because it underwent redesign. The short wheelbase has a length of 210 inches while the long wheelbase models have 221.9 inches. Looking at the figures alone, one can tell that it is a huge ride. The height of the monster-sized Navigator is 76.4 inches and the wheels are 22 inches. When parked alongside other vehicles, other brands might look feeble because of the monstrosity of the Navigator.

The interior cannot be as different as the exterior because it gives off a plush and accommodating vibe. There are eight seats available inside and the seats are all made of soft leather while the headrests of the front seat can pass as pillows. The two seats at the front offers more control compared to other types of vehicles and all seats come with heating and cooling system. There are five levels to adjust the seats while the massage has two levels. Adjustable bolsters are found at knee level which is an impressive feature that is only found among luxury vehicles with high-end class.

The good thing about the back seat aside from getting leather seat covers is that these can be inclined too unlike in other vehicles. This is impressive if you add the fact that there is enough ventilation and there are plenty available charging ports for the passengers. The Navigator is also equipped with a camera that can rotate 360 degrees and there is a reverse camera that records images in high quality resolution with its 10 inches display.