Why Prefer An Organic Thai Restaurant In Bangkok?

It’s hard to find an organic Thai restaurant in Bangkok simply because they don’t tell their customers that they’re using organic ingredients.  But obviously, you would like to be served with the best cuisine that world-renowned Thai chefs have prepared for you. This will allow you to enjoy a savoury yet healthy dish that no local restaurants can ever serve in Bangkok.

  • A Menu of Thai Cuisines Alone

A Thai restaurant will try to boast that it serves organic cuisines by putting their best efforts into one dish. It may not be possible to easily detect that organic ingredients have been used, but you’ll love to savour the delicious meal.

  • It’s Better to Have a Smaller the Menu

Search for an organic Thai restaurant in Bangkok with a smaller menu, or you stick to a single region in Thailand. This may be a popular restaurant only serving one dish, like a khao man gai chicken and rice. If you notice that the restaurant serves green curry, red curry and pad thai, these are restaurants that mainly cater to tourists.

  • Do Away with the Chopsticks

If you visit a Thai restaurant that provides you a pair of chopsticks, then it’s a good sign that it isn’t really an authentic Thai restaurant. They cater to people who don’t demand authenticity. In Thailand, they use forks and spoons for dining. If you’re using chopsticks, then you’ll have difficulty in transporting the rice and sauce.

  • Ask to See the Secret Menu

You need to ask an organic Thai restaurant in Bangkok about their secret menu. They will tell you that these are the food and ingredients that Thai regulars would love to order and make for themselves. But fortunately, Thai chefs know how to provide their customers with authentic, organic Thai delicacies. So, you don’t need to ask for the secret menu, but tell them you’re opting for an organic Thai dish.

  • Pass the Nam Pla Prik

A few organic Thai restaurant in Bangkok serve nam pla prik. It’s a condiment of chilies and fish sauce, that makes Thai food even more delectable. If they serve you with it, they care for you by providing hospitality through their cooking. If you ask for this sauce, you become closer to the restaurant staff and the Thai dishes they serve.