When To Call For Emergency Plumbing Services

One thing to remember is that you don’t need emergency plumbing services all the time. Emergency calls to plumbers can be costly which is why you need to identify whether a plumbing situation is an emergency or not. It would also be best to be ready with a plumber’s contact number so you would have a number to call if you need to. Here are some situations wherein you would need a plumbing expert for an emergency situation.

Overflowing toilet

Overflowing toilet is not just messy, it is also a major inconvenience for you and the entire family. Also, when your toilet starts to overflow, it will not stop until it is fixed. This could result to flooding and having a dirty and messy floor in your toilet area. Call an emergency plumber to prevent a bigger plumbing situation.


One indication that you are already facing an emergency plumbing situation is when your toilet or basement already flooded. Overflowing water can cause water damage to your appliances, decors, carpets and other home furnishings. With water damage, you could get more expenses for appliance repairs or replacements for your home décor and furnishings. You could also sustain higher water bill for the flooding. The more plumbing issues you have, the more expensive the repairs would be.

Frozen piping system

Winters can freeze your piping system andwhen this happens, call for emergency plumbing service providers to prevent further damage or bursting of pipes. Never attempt to thaw frozen pipes as it requires special plumbing equipment and skills to do the thawing. Any wrong attempts can lead to bigger plumbing problems.

Clogged drain

Another reason to call for an emergency plumber is when you noticed blocked drains in your toilet or waterways. There are DIYremedies for clogged drains that you can apply such as pouring hot water into the drain or mixing vinegar and baking soda into the drains. Let the solution overnight. However, if the attempts did not work, call for an emergency plumbing service provider to resolve the issue right away.