What Awaits You In The Sunshine State Florida

When one decides to take a travel break to Florida, one immediately envisions a beautiful sunny day. Florida is a peninsular state bordering the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Strait. It has the longest coastline in America home to wonderful white sand beaches. The state climate is tropical and subtropical in some parts, with rare snowfall, giving it an abundance of sunny days thus the name, The Sunshine State.

Florida Attractions

Known as the land of forever summer, Florida is home to more tourist attractions than the rest of United States. Both tourist and local Floridian are bedazzled by these varying tourist attraction. Since most groups visiting the state are families, attractions that the family will enjoy include The Walt Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando, Universal Studios and a lot of national parks and zoos.

Florida Beaches

The alluring white sandy coasts lined with tropical flora that cannot be found anywhere else in the United States make Florida Beaches enchanting to millions of tourists coming from all corners of the world. The tropical haven does not only give a paradise view but is also a home to manatees, dolphins, loggerhead turtles and a lot of tropical fishes. Whether you take a travel break to Florida for an adrenaline rush adventure or for a relaxing secluded getaway, there is always a place for you in Florida.

Florida State Parks

Of historic places and recreational adventures, Florida has well-preserved nature and architecture reflecting from centuries back. The diversity of beauty you can witness in Florida is endless, from well-preserved 17th-century buildings to a rich wildlife.

Florida Hospitality

Many, if not all, Floridian hotels and accommodations offer endless summer and stunning ocean views. No point in Florida is far enough from the ocean is how it is geographically bestowed. Apparent in some places is the resemblance to the Caribbean, which is not surprising as The Bahamas is not far away from the state. The fusion dishes in Florida, known as the Floribbean Cuisine is also noteworthy not only of the Caribbean influence but also with Hispanic, Latino, Asian and European influence with a hint of tropical sweetness from the local produce of mangoes, coconuts, papayas and citrus fruits.