Upcycling The Ocean Happening This Month

A partnership was made between the Tourism Authority of Thailand or TAT and the Phuket Hotels Association together with the help of Ecoalf, environmental design studio, and PTT, the resources giant. The coming together is because of a new campaign that is going to happen on the 27th and 28th of this month. The campaign’s goal is to collect wastes from the ocean and use these to create stylish clothing as well as accessories. This could start an initiative for other beaches in the country. Guests staying at an accommodation close to the beach such as villa Koh Tao will be happy to know that something is being done for the ocean and the environment as a whole.

For now the initiative will be held at Patong Beach wherein the associations are going to work hand in hand with the local community. They will collect waste and garbage found in the ocean and the beach side. Recycling centers, local fishermen as well as divers are going to help in gathering and separating the waste. The reusable materials will then be collected for upcycling.

Ecoalf is known in the country for its fashion products created using only recycled materials. The brand will be responsible for making the waste as well as plastics into fashion items that can be worn. These items will then be sold through the boutique stores found inside hotels that are members of the Phuket Hotel Association.

This campaign is just the beginning of a good partnership between the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Phuket Hotels Assocation which is a good example of how organization can lead campaigns that will maintain the beautiful coastline of Phuket. This will benefit not just the visitors but the locals in the long run.

Phuket Hotels Association’s President, Anthony Lark, said that they are proud to be a partner of Ecoalf, PTT and most especially the TAT. The initiative is one that is not only environment friendly but innovative at the same time.

Many are hoping that the beaches in other islands will follow suit to benefit the tourists staying at villa Koh Tao and the locals of the various islands all over the kingdom of Thailand.