Travel To The ‘Inner Core Of Bangkok’

Bangkok is a famous strategic location in Southeast Asia. It is a hub for the business industry, arts & culture, transportation and tourism. During the past 10 years, it has grown rapidly after the operation of the Suvarnabhumi International Airport started. In addition, the MRT subway and BTS sky train running through the city also paved this rapid growth.

The areas near the primary mass transit routes have already developed and also changed greatly, which is due to Thai and expat populations increasing in Bangkok. The mega projects and skyscrapers developed by private and public sectors, and also Thai and foreign investors resulted in land prices near the train routes and the inner core of the city growing.

Nevertheless, Bangkok will continually move for further development. Furthermore, the stream of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) will bring more foreign investors in the country. The government’s train projects that comprises four routes will also allow Bangkok to be a top “Hub of Logistics” that facilitates transport of passenger and goods.

Highest growth opportunity

The area likely to develop most is the ‘inner core of Bangkok’ or the centre of the city. All the primary train routes in the centre of the city pass through numerous important places like office buildings, embassies, high-end shopping malls and 5 star hotels.

By 2021 when the 10 train routes are launched, this will take the people from every area in Bangkok to the city centre via the existing transit routes. The Airport link will be a convenience for air travellers, domestic and international. The high-speed train projects will also bring people from every region to Bangkok, and the MRT Orange line will connect the east and west Bangkok. Additionally, the ‘Super Tower’ that is the future tallest structure in ASEAN is going to be a landmark of Bangkok’s inner core and one that attracts numerous people to the city.


In sum, the developments set in Bangkok for the next few years is great news for every business operator there is, whether that be a condo or a design hotel in Bangkok. Surely, Bangkok is set to progress significantly with these factors influencing Bangkok as it becomes a city full of opportunity and potential.